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MainStreet is on a mission to help every small business make a big impact. We take the guesswork out of tax credits and pass the untapped savings onto you.

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Billions of dollars in tax credits are set aside each year for companies that prioritize innovation through R&D work. But you shouldn’t need an accounting degree to access them.

Our team of specialists will handle the bulk of your R&D tax credit claim, so you can focus on building your business.

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Understanding tax credits is our full-time job, so it doesn’t have to be yours.

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We stick to IRS guidelines and integrate directly with your Rippling data to ensure that your R&D tax credit claim is always accurate and compliant.

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Our team of in-house CPAs, tax code specialists, and fellow founders will support you every step of the way.

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Manage your tax credit claim, access savings opportunities, and more.

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Sign up for free in just 5 minutes. We search through 200+ credits, finding the ones that best suit your business. Once you qualify, we do the heavy lifting to claim your tax credits and pass the savings on to you.