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MainStreet is the #1 provider of tax credits. We have decades of combined experience that have allowed us to refine a methodology that will provide you peace of mind.

In the unlikely event of an audit, we’ll reimburse you up to $1,000,000 for any accountant fees, penalties, or interest you have to pay to the government due to a MainStreet error.

Why Tax Credits

Billions left on the table

There is over $100B available but only a handful are getting claimed. Most businesses and accountants don’t even know they’re qualified.

Why Claim R&D Tax Credits from MainStreet
Claim R&D Tax Credit Documents from MainStreet

Come tax season, you’ll get:

The tax forms needed to file claims alongside annual tax returns.

A dedicated team of tax specialists, on hand to guide you with the next steps

A study prepared by our tax specialists that supports and substantiates tax credit claims

MainStreet works seamlessly with your CPA

Our team of tax specialists — former accountants at the Big Four — know what your CPA will need:

· Save them time and let them focus on your main filing.
· Easily add your CPA to collaborate on your MainStreet account.
· Send them what they need with the click of a button.

Claim R&D Tax Credits for Your Startup from MainStreet

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