Natalise, CEO and Co-Founder of Parallel Health

“I’m glad you exist. As a venture-backed startup it hasn’t always been easy to identify the right partners and vendors who could truly deliver exceptional service coupled with excellent customer support.”

Natalise, CEO of Parallel Health, co-founded the company in 2021 with Dr. Nathan Brown, Chief Scientist, with the mission to improve skin care fidelity. Their vision aims to generate personalized skincare that starts at each individual’s unique skin microbiome. Parallel’s personalized medicine and skin care uses originative solutions such as genomic sequencing, machine learning, and personalized prescriptions.

Research and Development (R&D) lies at the core of their work, encompassing extensive research and discovery related to the skin microbiome. “From gathering and analyzing crucial data to developing innovative products, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to bring new and effective solutions to the market,” says Natalise Co-founder of Parallel Health. According to Natalise, it was obvious early on that they needed cash on hand for the many clinical trials in their future.

Partnering with MainStreet aligns with their vision and values

“As a venture-backed startup,” Natalise explains, “it hasn’t always been easy to identify the right partners and vendors who could truly deliver exceptional service coupled with excellent customer support. The marketplace is flooded with options, all vying for our attention with persuasive sales pitches.”

Parallel Health partnered with MainStreet because the company was attentive to the skin care company’s unique needs and responsive to their questions along the vendor-selection process (and beyond). When she works with vendors she elects to do so because they engender Parallel’s vision and values around customer centricity.

According to Natalise, Mainstreet has been instrumental in helping Parallel to navigate through the complexities of tax credits, enabling them to secure R&D tax credits successfully. The financial boost provided by MainStreet savings was a significant support for Parallel’s operations, allowing them to invest more in our research and development efforts.

The results of partnering with Mainstreet

In 2023, Parallel’s R&D efforts — led by Dr. Brown — have been instrumental in amassing more meaningful data, testing products, conducting trials, analyzing their data, and developing new ingredients. Most of the supplies used for these processes are qualified research expenses included in the company’s MainStreet R&D calculations. The savings have gone right back into testing and producing products such as the company’s easy to use Skin Microbiome Discovery Kit that can identify your skin age and skin microbiome in just a few steps.

“MainStreet’s services have been easy to use, and their customer service has been exceptional,” says Natalise. “Whenever we faced any challenges or hiccups during the initial stages of our partnership, Mainstreet’s dedicated team was right there to assist us promptly. We truly appreciate the support they have provided and the way they have partnered with us on our mission to improve skin health through precision solutions.”

Because MainStreet is saving Parallel Health both time and money, Natalise and her team have been focusing their efforts on building up core products. Natalise gives a heartfelt cheer for “tax credits!”